Grace Joseph is the Senior Vice President of Charles Joseph Ministries (CJM). She graduated cum laude from York University with BSc. in Nursing.

Grace JosephGrace is stated as the “visionary” behind CJM. She has a creative spirit and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit. These and other qualities enable her to lead and infiltrate all the Departments of CJM with new ideas and new strategies. Her illustrative style and marketing knowledge are helping ministry leaders all over the world find their God-given identity and use their uniqueness to reach their target.

Grace is passionate about sharing God’s mercy and love to anyone and everyone. Her desire is to help people discover their value and ignite vision in their hearts. Through personal experience and proven results, Grace is teaching people on how to overcome fear, rejection, insecurity, passivity, low self-esteem, shame and guilt. Grace reveals practical tips on how to fight all these traits with a plan…a plan to develop vision, confidence and the discipline that will lead to God’s perfect plan for their lives.