War on debt

The war on debt demands a conscious effort towards the handling all affairs that pertain to money, its making and its usage. In the current times when the economic situation is tough, it would be very wise to have in control all spending habits in the face of dwindling financial resources and job opportunities. Opportunities to save are increasingly getting fewer due to increased consumerism. We tend to find ourselves in the deep pit that is personal debt and this in itself comes with many consequences. This predicament has not been the result of calamity but it has been the result of poor financial choices and a lack of self discipline.

There are various ways that you can manage your personal debt and restrain from problems of excessive payable amounts mostly associated with credit cards. In order to stay afloat, consider keeping track of your finances, minimizing borrowing and after all this find ways of maximizing your income. Money and wealth have been extensively tackled in the bible with many examples of wealthy God fearing men who pleased God. These were men who were in control of their wealth and who did not let it separate them from God’s presence. They acknowledged that wealth was God given and was to be used to serve Him and the improvement of the lot of less fortunate people.

In the financial world today, many forms of credit the inclusion of emergency loans have been packaged into credit cards that have really put people in bad debts. In this piece, the target is getting people to do away with household debts where possible or begin minimizing them in the scenario where they are just getting overbearing. Think of it this way, it is often difficult to pay off the regular bills even without debt,what about meeting the everyday bills on the face of minimum payments to debt and loan facilities. The tragedy of it all is that people in debt get complacent of their debt situation and opt to do nothing about it making them live a miserable life;one that is about frugality and the forfeit of the basic needs just to fit into the little available money. This is not right!

Rather than lay back and think of what being debt free really means, put some concrete measures into getting yourself out of the debt. Pray about it and consider the many options available out there then pick out the best for your debt situation. There are two programs available for those who cannot make a one off settlement which majority of us cannot do. These are consumer credit counseling and debt settlement. Each has its own merits and demerits, weigh them out. The two programs ruin the credit score but that is none of your worries since all you want is debt free life. The credit score can be repaired and improved later. A debt free individual and by extension a debt free household will mean that you are able to weather the economic downturn better than the debt laden people.

The war on debt is very simple with the right mind set and some self discipline. Positive net assets, solvency and liquidity are possible to achieve if only you give it your full attention and effort. Kick away the outrageous spending, keep track of your finances, reduce the bills where possible and increases whatever income you get. Remember to set aside some contingency funds to sort you out in times of emergencies. In this way you will not get yourself into debt.

‘Rather than spend, spend, spend, let’s save, save, save.’

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