You can be the best You can be the best (Pt. 1)
I want to invite you to the world of the best and to remind you there is a seed of greatness laid inside of you. You must rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you! (Isaiah 60:1) Let’s take a look at the life of some teenagers in the Bible, and see how they excelled as the best amongst their peers.

David was at his best

The Bible records in1 Samuel 17:14 David was the youngest son of his father Jesse. We remember the story how he defeated Goliath the giant Philistine who defied the Army of Israel. David was courageous and he confronted this giant. Now look at what he said in verse 2: who is this uncircumcised philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God!David had an understanding that his God is Living, and was ready to challenge whoever made it look like He was dead.

Those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. His understanding of God was later expressed in verse 36 and 37, how he had struck a lion and a bear to rescue his father’s sheep from them, concluding that God delivered him from the claws of these wild animals.

David knew he had the seed of greatness in him

David had an excellent spirit. He did not only believe in God, he also testified of His goodness. You too can be a testifier of God’s goodness among your peers, schoolmates, friends, and everywhere you go. So, you will agree with me that age is not a barrier to being the best, after all David was the youngest among his father’s sons.

You must be conscious of the fact that God will always create an atmosphere for you to excel; the seed of greatness is in you. But then, how much awareness do you have concerning yourself? Who are you? Are you like just any other teenager out there? Or, are you the son of the Living God?

We must at all times emulate good virtues that are seen in the lives of great men and women; David is a very good example. He was courageous and what led to his courage was his understanding of the God he served. He had a well of experience on God’s goodness and this enhanced his emerging a hero in his time.

David witnessed his God to his world

You, too, can become a hero. Make use of every opportunity you have to witness to your world, otherwise the world will never know the power of your God, remember the world is waiting for you, for the earnest expectation of the creation is the manifestation of the sons of God.

You are an ambassador for God, where you are right now. When you take up the courage to stand out for God, you emerge the best in all you do. To do this you must become aware of whom you are, you are not ordinary, you are an Eagle and Eagles do not associate with the vultures.

Stand out for God today and excellence will be evident in all ramifications of your life. You truly can be the best. Of the seven sons, David was the best. Same God yesterday, is still same today and forever.

It is of great importance that you come to terms with Jesus. You definitely cannot access His storehouse of blessings and excellence, when you are not a member of His household. I therefore, invite you to accept Jesus into your life, if you are yet to do so. You need Jesus in your life, you must be born again to live that excellent kind of life, seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and other things will be added unto you (Mathew 6:33). You may say this prayer with me as I lead you to Jesus. He loves you and wants you safe in His arms: Lord Jesus, I come to You today, forgive me my sins, wash me in Your precious blood. Come and dwell in my heart and be my Lord and Personal Saviour. Thank You for saving me for I know that I am now born again.

Congratulations and welcome to the family of God. From henceforth, I see a new you emerging. Every failure of the past are turned to miracles in your life, and you begin to surmount all the challenges in your study, career, health, and family in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen!
By F. Oyedepo